Careers You Can Pursue With A Hospitality Management Degree

As a hospitality management student, customer service and customer satisfaction should be your job’s first and foremost priority. Since you are trained with excellent problem solving and situation management skills, your career path is open to a variety of field. Listed below are some of the major areas in which you can definitely get a job. 

Food and Beverage Management

You will be able to work in any food providing establishment which can be a restaurant, a hotel, resort or any other accommodation provider. This does not mean that you will have to work either has a chef or a skimpy waitress Perth. But rather, you will be exposed to a variety of employment opportunities within the organization itself. This includes financial tracking, inventory, customer service or even sales managing. You will be able to make a decent salary while being offered several other perks as well.

Airport Employment

An airport’s main aim is to retain its customers by offering excellent services. Thus, as a hospitality graduate, you will be a target candidate. You will be able work in many departments and thus will be open to a variety of airport careers. These include human resources, security and safety maintenance, customer service management, etc. Though you will be expected to adapt to an irregular time table, you salary will be high and you will have the pride of working in one of the famous airports in the world.

Travel and Tourism Management

Though these careers are quite similar to airport careers, these are more focused on connecting the customer with airports and the like. For instance, jobs such as ticketing agents, travel agents, tour guides are more related to providing a customer with the holiday package. You can also try out the fields of sales and marketing if you wish, by picking a job in the financial departments of tour organizations. Through this job not only will you get a high salary, willalso get opportunities to travel and also get discounts on holiday packages, etc. 

Casino Management

It certainly is an attractive and exciting platform to work. But you will be able to work only in countries that have legalized casinos. Unlike other employment fields, this can reduce your likelihood of getting employed. But it is one of the most lucrative employment opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Therefore, if you possess any kind of hospitality qualification, you do not have to worry, since it is a fast growing industry -with many expanding branches- that is looking for young qualified individuals.