Reasons Why You Need To Use It

Vibrators have been around for more than a couple of centuries – and yet, we still cannot find it in ourselves to get rid of the stigma associated with women enjoying sex. Whilst the taboo over topic will take much longer to fade, there is no reason at all as to why this should stop any woman from seeking her own pleasure – with, or without a partner. If you have never used a vibrator in your entire life, it is naturally going to be a big step to take (especially if you or your family is on the conservative side of the liberal spectrum). However, know that there are certain benefits from using it – and they can easily be reasons as to why you need to try one:

  • Orgasms – the truth is bitter: women have a harder time orgasming than men do. If you are in the minority that can easily climax, then good for you; however, most women (i.e. more than three in every four women) cannot orgasm without some help – and that single point has been a reason for some to not have orgasmed in even once in their life. Not only are many men oblivious on how to please their lady, but the lady herself hardly knows how to do this. Do not be that lady. Learn to pleasure yourself and achieve climax. An easy way to do this is with the many cheap sex toys from Passionate Jade – the most common of which is the vibrator.
    • Prove the conservative side wrong – the conservatives have many things to say on why you should not masturbate or use sex toys, but at the end of the day, there really is nothing stopping you from having fun with your body. Among the oft-cited criticisms of vibrators is that women may get ‘addicted’ to them, or that they may experience side effects ranging from ‘numbing of their lady bits’ to more serious complications. Buy a vibrator online and be one of the ladies that stand up to prove these fake myths wrong!
      • Pleasure – no, we are not referring to orgasms once again. What is meant by pleasure at this point is the definite improvement in your mood and lack of stress that you will notice gradually in your life. Orgasms are tied to a better life, free of stress and full of happiness due to the release of the ‘feel-happy’ hormone called ‘oxytocin’. If you can achieve so much of a positive change in your life by using a small toy, what is the harm done then? Absolutely nothing, so go and buy a vibrator right now!