Areas To Focus On When Massaging Your Man

There are many sensual areas of the body that you must focus on which will make him feel good with this massage services. You must make sure that you do utilize the correct oil as well the correct bed to make him feel better. Make sure that you do not focus on the penis first as that is the iceberg to the entire sensational experience. You must focus on the other areas. Here are some for you to think about:


This area is known by many to be an area which is great to improve any migraine problems that your partner might have. You can even make a mask and apply it on his head. You can add some egg yolk and avocado to the mix. This will be a conditioning treatment too! Make sure that you do sit behind him when you are running your fingertips through his hair and neck. If you are someone who is not very skilled in this procedure then you can call an outcall massage Tsim Sha Tsui to assist you.



This eye is known to be a pressure area which is simply located in the middle of your forehead area. You must add pressure as you do go along. You can utilize your thumb for the procedure too. Make sure that you do utilize a required amount of pressure which will alleviate any pain that your partner might have. Do remember that tension is one of the main causes for ending a boner!


This area has a lot of pent up stress. You can start by massaging the sides of the forehead region by rotating your fingers slowly in circles. This will remove any tension and allow some excitement to build up. Do not forget that your loved one will enjoy the process of you exploring his face. You can also add some balm to the rest of the physique to make the body-to-body massage more erotic.


You can also focus on massaging the bones on the face. They are great to be worked on. You can ask him to lie down with his head on your lap then once he is comfortable you can focus on tracing the various angles of his facial bones with your fingertips. You must not barge into the therapy you must simply utilize your fingertips as slowly as you possibly can. Remember that the process of performing a massage is not an easy one. You will have to be well prepared to make the experience a great one.